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  1. Talking BellX1 Heads

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    February 27, 2010 by louie

    Heaven by Bell X1 (Talking Heads cover) (download here) It’s cover Saturdays again. This is one my favorite new bands, Bell X1, and i’ve posted them here a few times (here & here). Here’s a nice little Talking…

  2. Smashing a Love That Shines


    February 26, 2010 by louie

    Widow Wake My Mind by Smashing Pumpkins (download here) The Smashing Pumpkins have a new album coming out and even though the only band member that remains from their old classics is Billy Corgan, it’s still pretty good. Here’s the…

  3. French Goodness

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    February 25, 2010 by louie

    Ta Douleur by Camille (download here) This song was voted one of the top 100 songs in Australia in 2006. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it. You don’t track Australia’s top 100 from 4 years ago? No? Well, here…

  4. Saturday’s A Big Day


    February 24, 2010 by louie

    On Saturday by The Clarks (download here) (Buy From Amazon) Kind of a sad song because it’s all about a guy and his painful breakup with his girl. The exchange of keys, the moving of furniture, the loss of weight…

  5. What’s the Altitude


    February 23, 2010 by louie

    What’s the Altitude by Cut Chemist (download here) (Buy From Amazon) This is a catchy tune with a good beat. Back in 2007, this song was all the rage and listening to it now it seems to hold up really…

  6. Babes, I Love Ya


    February 22, 2010 by louie

    Baby I Love You by Aretha Franklin (download here) (Download from Amazon) Everyone knows the great Aretha from Respect and other classics, but this is probably my favorite tune of hers. A good soulful love tune for your girl or…

  7. Wisconsin Rock


    February 19, 2010 by louie

    Kill The Memory by Meridene (download here)(Buy From Amazon) Jam it out this Friday to some Meridene. Some songs just have a good riff and some good rage attached to it. These guys are from Wisconsin (yeah!) and have…

  8. I’ve Got To Tell You


    February 18, 2010 by louie

    I’ve Just Got To Tell You by Dr. Dog (download here) (Buy from Amazon) People compare Dr. Dog to the Beatles for their harmonies and style of pop music. Listening here you’ve got to agree. It’s a nice little happy…

  9. Looking Back At Oasis


    February 17, 2010 by louie

    Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis (download here) (Buy from Amazon) This is an oldie but goodie and one of my all-time fav’s. These English dudes really know how to rock. Too bad they turned out to be total…

  10. Love is like a bomb

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    February 16, 2010 by louie

    Pour Some Sugar On Me by Emm Gryner (download here) A nice little cover of Def Leppard. She has a good sound. Some people like this version better. Me, i’m sticking with the band with the one-armed drummer and jeans…