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  1. My Mind is for Sale

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    September 22, 2017 by Mike P Lewis

    Jack Johnson My Mind is for Sale by Jack Johnson This is the first song i’ve heard that’s explicitly about Donald Trump and his presidency. It’s a great song and classic Jack Johnson.…

  2. Love Yourself

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    March 9, 2017 by louie

    JustinBieber Love Yourself by Justin Bieber I love this song. Something about how he just rips his ex apart is great for me. Even my mom hates you and she loves everyone” is just a great line. The Beibs brings it…

  3. Will You Love Me?

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    February 27, 2013 by Mike Lewis

      Will You Love Me by Matthew E. WhiteThis is one of the smoothest songs I’ve heard in a while.  It’s sort of a first-dance song at a wedding.  Love it.  (download here) (Buy from Amazon)

  4. Weather In My Head

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    February 7, 2013 by Mike Lewis

       Weather in My Head by Donald Fagen (download here) (Buy from Amazon)Good tune that came out the end of last year. It totally reminded me of Steely Dan, which makes sense because I just found out that…

  5. I’ll Be Your Emmylou

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    January 30, 2013 by Mike Lewis

    Emmylou by First Aid Kit     (download here) (Buy from Amazon)Just a chill song to start out your week.  This was released last year but i’m just now coming around to it. …

  6. I’m Just Bones

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    January 8, 2013 by Mike Lewis

     Bones by Michael Kinanuka (download here) (Buy from Amazon) Found this song on my walk to the bus station today.  Refrain, “I guess i would leave this world alone, because without you i’m just bones.”  Nice.  Thanks @BradBarrish.…

  7. Smooth Lakehouse


    January 18, 2012 by louie

    Lakehouse by Of Monsters and Men   (download here) This is one of my favorite tunes of the new year from a six-piece band from Iceland. The lyrics don’t really make sense but it’s still catchy.  Enjoy //…

  8. Calgary Remix


    June 10, 2011 by louie

    Calgary by Bon Iver (Thunderlust Remix) (download here) Another mesmerizing tune by Bon Iver. The original is great too but this Thunderlust remix just really does it for me.…

  9. Bon Iver’s in The Outfield


    May 26, 2011 by louie

    Your Love by Bon Iver (cover of The Outfield) (download here) If you love Bon Iver and want to celebrate an amazing 80’s tune, this is your lucky day. This song should make your day. Thanks to @smpescatello for the…

  10. You Are Not Alone


    December 30, 2010 by louie

    You Are Not Alone by Mavis Staples (download here) (Buy from Amazon) Happy New Year people. This is one of my favorite tracks of 2010 and a fitting track to end the year on. It’s a modern hymn, written by…