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  1. Friday Breeze


    December 17, 2010 by louie

    The Breeze by Dr. Dog (download here) (Buy from Amazon) A bouncy song by the foursome. This is a fun fun song.…

  2. Roots with Jim James


    June 2, 2010 by louie

    Dear God 2.0 (feat. Jim James & Monsters Of Folk) by The Roots (download here) (Buy from Amazon) A pretty chill and rad song for today (thanks to @juliankesner). It’s good to have The Roots back in the rotation…

  3. Jackie Wants a Black Eye


    June 1, 2010 by louie

    Jackie Wants a Black Eye by Dr. Dog (download here) (Buy from Amazon) Another good tune by Dr. Dog. These guys just have a good sound and this song is one of their best from their latest album…

  4. I’ve Got To Tell You


    February 18, 2010 by louie

    I’ve Just Got To Tell You by Dr. Dog (download here) (Buy from Amazon) People compare Dr. Dog to the Beatles for their harmonies and style of pop music. Listening here you’ve got to agree. It’s a nice little happy…

  5. Thursday Sunshine


    December 3, 2009 by louie

    GLove Sunshine by G. Love (download here) (Buy from Amazon) G. Love normally throws down some good funk but here he gets a bit more mellow and it really works. Such a happy tune…

  6. Ease It Back


    October 23, 2009 by louie

    amos-lee Ease Back by Amos Lee (download here) Just a chill song to end out the week so you can ease on back for the weekend.…

  7. You Drive Me Crazy with that Boogie. Boogie. Uggie.


    October 14, 2009 by louie

    ween17 Voodoo Lady by Ween (download here) Jumpy and bouncy and just a nice party song. It’s also in about 20 teenage movies.…

  8. Chill Out


    July 17, 2009 by louie

    _santigold play_mikeYour Voice by Santigold (download here) Santigold was a double-major at Wesleyan University and can lay down some serious music. This is some smooth reggae that is just what you need when you’re sitting on the back porch with a…