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  1. China Bull Curse


    January 17, 2011 by louie

    The Curse of China Bull by Paul Cary (download here) (Buy from Amazon) This is a great bluesy song to start the week. A saxophone comes out of nowhere. Enjoy…

  2. You Are Not Alone


    December 30, 2010 by louie

    You Are Not Alone by Mavis Staples (download here) (Buy from Amazon) Happy New Year people. This is one of my favorite tracks of 2010 and a fitting track to end the year on. It’s a modern hymn, written by…

  3. Red Blood Youth


    October 28, 2010 by louie

    Red Blood Youth by California Wives (download here) (Buy from Amazon) This is a rockin’ song by the newcomers from Chicago. They said this track is inspired by Phoenix – who you all know i love. I have no idea…

  4. Red-Eyed for Wilco


    October 25, 2010 by louie

    Red-Eyed and Blue by Wilco (download here) (Buy from Amazon) Just a great great song. I love songs with a good amount of whistling and this one doesn’t disappoint. I’m not sure why this isn’t overplayed on classic rock radio…

  5. This is a song for a son


    March 18, 2010 by louie

    A Song For A Son by Smashing Pumpkins (download here) I posted another song from their new album a few weeks ago but this is the one that i actually like the best. It’s mellow but still catchy. Welcome back…

  6. Smashing a Love That Shines


    February 26, 2010 by louie

    Widow Wake My Mind by Smashing Pumpkins (download here) The Smashing Pumpkins have a new album coming out and even though the only band member that remains from their old classics is Billy Corgan, it’s still pretty good. Here’s the…

  7. Whistle Your Way Home

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    May 26, 2009 by louie

    andrew_bird play_mike Oh, No by Andrew Bird Sure it’s about a sociopath, but it’s still a hell of a ditty.  Andrew Bird’s latest album definitely delivers the goods.  I love the whistling on this track. (click above for mp3)…