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  1. Big Escape


    March 1, 2011 by louie

    Big Escape by Pearly Gate Music (download here) (Buy from Amazon) It’s a catchy and bouncy indie rock song. If you’ve got the time and the notion, give it a listen.…

  2. No One’s Gonna Jam Like BOH


    September 15, 2010 by louie

    No One’s Gonna Love You by Band of Horses (download here) (Buy from Amazon) This is off their 2nd album and is a special song in the lewhouse family as we had it play at our wedding. It’s pretty cool…

  3. Arkansas


    July 22, 2010 by louie

    Arkansas by Damien Jurado (download here) (Buy from Amazon) This is very MMJ-like which means it somewhat mellow but has some underlying rock to it. If it had some serious reverb, it’d be an exact match. Note: Damien is from…

  4. Breathing Pearl Jam in 2010


    January 4, 2010 by louie

    Just Breathe by Pearl Jam (download here) This is off their latest album (Backspacer) and it reminds me of the PJ of old. A good song…

  5. The World Is Such A Wonderful Place


    December 31, 2009 by louie

    Ode to the LRC by Band of Horses (download here) This was by far my favorite song of 2009. The refrain, “The world is such a wonderful place” has never been more true. Hope you feel that way too.…

  6. This is how the world began


    September 4, 2009 by louie

    Modest-Mouseull 3rd Planet by Modest Mouse (download here) This is a great little song by Modest Mouse. I know it’s about the Earth and how it formed and how it’ll end but like most Modest Mouse songs i think it’s better…