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High School Lover


July 16, 2014 by Mike Lewis

High School Lover by Cayucas    (download here) (Buy from Amazon)
This song came on randomly one day when I was running and I became addicted to it.  Love the drum beat.  Also makes me a bit nostalgic, which…

Jack White’s Three Women


July 10, 2014 by Mike Lewis

Three Women by Jack White (download here) (Buy from Amazon)
This song is pretty badass. Jack White knows how to make a good old school rock song.  And here one is. 


Lana’s West Coast


May 24, 2014 by Mike Lewis

West Cost by Lana Del Rey (download here) (Buy from Amazon)
This is a pretty great song by Lana.  It’s mellow but still pretty intense. Enjoy.  …

Walter Mitty Song


May 12, 2014 by Mike Lewis

Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez (download here) (Buy from Amazon)
The movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is pretty great and at the end of the movie they place a pretty awesome song.  You can put this guy…

Say Hey


April 28, 2014 by Mike Lewis

Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael-Franti-& Spearhead       (download here) (Buy from Amazon)
Just such a happy song.  It’s some great upbeat modern reggae.  Makes me smile every time I hear it.  

Lorde’s Team


April 21, 2014 by Mike Lewis

Team by Lorde (download here) (Buy from Amazon)
This song is really popular right now and it should be because it’s damn catchy.  Probably my favorite Lorde song at the moment.  …

Good Tune About Good Sex


March 29, 2014 by Mike Lewis

Good Sex and Good Sex (Beatology Remix) by Kevin Drew
(download here) (download Beatology Remix here) (Buy from Amazon)
Pretty cool song that i discovered tonight.  Pretty chill It also has a bunch of remixes with it.  It’s by…

Second Chance


February 12, 2014 by Mike Lewis

Second Chance by Liam Finn      (download here) (Buy from Amazon)
A good catchy song sent to me by my cousin Walker.  This will definitely get you through the day. …

Badd to Me Mashup


February 7, 2014 by Mike Lewis

Badd To Me by King of Pants      (download here)
This is a mashup of the Ying Yang Twins and The Cure.  It’s catchy.  Put it on your running mix and enjoy. …

I Don’t Remember


January 20, 2014 by Mike Lewis

I Don’t Remember by David Byrne   (download here) (Buy from Amazon)
This is a great cover of a Peter Gabriel song by Talking Heads’ David Byrne.  It’s got a great beat to it.  Enjoy…